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2012-2021: Images of new work coming soon!


2010: Disillusion and Revelation

Work about the destruction of disillusionment and revelation in my life and the ways I start to rebuild.

2008-2009: Disintegrating Together

During the two years I lived in Japan, I explored the aesthetics and functions of Japan's culture of "kawaii" (cute) as metaphor for my use of exuberant aesthetics and energy to cover over difficult and toxic aspects within relationships and within myself.


2005: The Great Escape

Escaping into fantastical worlds of color investigation, material play and abstraction.

2012: Into The Woods 

Inward Journey: Learning to hold a conversation with the unconscious.​


2009: One Moment Many 

​​A painting series based on one Japanese advertisement. Another exploring a personal photograph. Each series is an inquiry into the complexity of possibility that exists in one mundane moment.

2008-2009: Into The Hill

Moving inward and outward in Japan's landscape.

2011:  Finding My Seat

Work created before, during and after a transformative seven weeks of traveling alone in Iceland.  

2009: Sunyata

Exploring the Buddhist idea about fertile emptiness.  An inquiry into procreation: personal, actual and metaphorical. 

2008-2009: Dweller Doings

​Glimpsing characters and their doings in my inner landscape.  Inspired by Japan's pop culture, rural Japanese landscape and art as contemplative practice.

2005-2012: Landscapes-

Traveling Out and In 

Exploring landscape as internal experience and external perception.

2006-2007: All Together Now

Searching for all-inclusiveness, interconnectedness, co-existence of opposites, and transcendence of form and material.

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