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"The art" is the unique and creative way we can each actively engage with the process of becoming the fullest, most alive version of ourselves.

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"Self-knowing" speaks to a receptive engagement with our inner and outer experiences with the intention of getting to know our deepest calling and potential.  

It is through this active and receptive process that we come to know and become who we were born to be. 

Within this engagement we experience the creative process as psychological, and the psychological process as creative.

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Megan Bisbee is an artist, teacher, and depth-oriented psychotherapist whose work focuses on creativity as a psychological process and psychological processes as creative.

Under the umbrella of The Art of Self-Knowing, all of Megan's work blends more than two decades of teaching and and practicing art, yoga and meditation, professional training as a yoga instructor and as a depth-oriented psychotherapist, and a lifetime of fusing art-making with introspection. 

Whether teaching workshops, painting in her studio, writing, building tiny houses on buses or for chickens, or sitting in the psychotherapist's chair, she keeps an inner ear to the undercurrents of the unconscious and the deeper callings of the soul. 

We are constantly creating our lives whether we know it or not.
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My paintings bridge seen and unseen worlds. They are of both the mundane material world, and of someplace transcendent and subtly energetic. They integrate my love of beauty and materials to my love of inner work and meaning-making. Through partnership with my art, I have come to know the creative process as a psychological one. I know and transform myself through my painting and I have come to see that I am always creating my life whether I am aware of it or not. Through my art I become the person I was born to be and live an artful life: richly, deeply, and fully. 

You can see more of my art here.

Classes & Workshops

I love to teach.

I really love to teach art and techniques of introspection (such as yoga, meditation, and depth psychology).


I most especially feel passionate about weaving all of those loves together under the umbrella of creativity as a lived and psychological process. 

You can find out more about my classes and workshops here.

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Classes & Worshops
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Sometimes, in order for our creative and psychological processes to begin moving in a direction that allows us to transform suffering and and create meaningful lives, depth-psychotherapy can be helpful and/or necessary.

I maintain a private depth-psychotherapy practice in Waterbury, Vermont. Depth work pays particular and holistic attention to deeper unconscious and pre-conscious roots and meaning of symptoms in a confidential setting. Together we wonder, "What do these symptoms mean? What are they calling for?" Together we find a way to create a rich, meaningful, and skillful relationship to everything that arises in one's life in a way that creates less suffering and more aliveness: to create the unique life we are each born to live.

You can read more about my practice here.


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I look forward to hearing from you.

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